Alpha Commander is an homage to Missile Command. Featuring beautiful graphics and classic gameplay. Defend your city from the incoming ICBM’s — but be careful! You only have 30 missiles! Complete with dynamic weather systems, day/night cycles, and plenty of easter eggs, Alpha Commander is a classic arcade experience on your phone or tablet.Integrated with Facebook and the iOS Game Center / Play Games as well as my website.

Alpha command was a unique game to create. I was a huge fan of the classic from a young age, and after crawling the app store had noticed noone had built a proper take on Missile Command. While I’ve admittedly spent way too long on dynamic weather systems, Alpha Command still remains a fun experience 4 years later. Built to run on an iPhone 5, Alpha Command was one of the first games to feature my own 2D graphics and custom lighting engine.

Alpha Command, while no longer in development, has a website that can be viewed here: