I’m a DC native who moved to South Florida in 2001. I’m an avid gamer and coder, and I’ve been an entrepreneur for as long as I can imagine, always trying to find the next big thing. In 2010, I founded my first company, CCRT.  

As part of CCRT, we decided it would be beneficial for me to learn programming. That’s when I picked up Java. I basically ate, slept, and coded.  The downloads kept growing, and at one point we were getting over 10,000 a day. We went viral! This was now truly eat, sleep, code mode. 

It was two or so years managing this application and it’s million or so users when I decided it was time to persue something I’ve always dreamed about doing: Gaming. I moved to Exano Software, where I made and released games the way I wanted to, games that I had made. This had moderate success, and spun me off many small contracts and jobs . One of the more impactful, was Stocket. 

Stocket was a good opportunity. I worked as Lead Developer there for a couple of years, gaining good experience, leading a team, and working with some great people. I honed my skills, and worked on AR and VR applications with some friends I met at work. 

Those friends would prove invaluable as I left Stocket, publishing VR games on Steam, and contracting out applications and work to Universities and businesses. We’ve helped create massive playcenters and arcades, worked with local schools, and had amazing experiences along this journey. The four of us are paving the way to a future where AR and VR are ways of life. We are just getting started, and the story isn’t over yet.