Game development is in my blood, and I’ve been an avid gamer ever sense I could hold a controller. I am an expert Unity developer, and have created many games on the engine.

I am able to manage the entire stack of Unity, and have published native Android games using Java/AndEngine. I have mastered integration into multiple API’s such as Facebook and the creation/integration of our own, and am proficient in every step of the development, having been responsible for multiple titles from inception to release and every step in between.

Aside from my technical skills, I love to write and create game content. I believe gameplay is the critical component of any successful or enjoyable title, and that through gameplay stories themselves can be told. I have strong skills in level design, gameplay concepts and balancing, and what it means to have a game feel ‘Fair’. I’m properly skilled at finding gameplay elements and areas to polish and enhance, and enjoy the time spent here immensely.

I am at my heart still a gamer, after all.