Game Developer, AR/VR & C# Specialist

Tony - The Dev.

Unashamed Coffee Addict. Nerd by birth, Engineer by trade. I help make the future possible and have fun doing it.

I am a full stack mobile engineer specialized in Unity 3D, C#, and .NET with advanced skills on various development platforms. I have developed applications utilizing AR and VR on the Mobile/Vive/Oculus platforms, have published several games and applications to the Apple Store, Google Play, Steam and Oculus stores. As an engineer, I was raised adapting and learning new technology at a lightning pace to fit the needs of the project. I take absolute satisfaction in the successful deployment and delivery of new and exciting technology and games.

I have extensive knowledge in creating not only the front-end for mobile applications and games, but also the backend. I have successfully developed API’s for gaming systems and production systems for more corporate applications. I constantly strive to hone my skills, learn new ones, and push for challenging experiences that will drive me to become a better team leader and developer.

In addition, I am experienced in general IT, with extensive knowledge in hardware, am proficient in Linux/Microsoft/Mac OS’s, virus removal and protection, and general security. I’m not afraid to take over as a DB admin when it’s necessary, and know the gravity of a production database.