About Me

Born and raised in D.C, I moved to South Florida in early 2001. I spent the majority of my time in high school finding odd jobs and working at Gamestop and F.Y.E. I was attending F.A.U for Political Science when I decided law probably would not be the best for me, as I constantly found myself fixing and building friends and family’s computers. I went and obtained my CompTIA A+ certification and began CCRT (The Computer Crisis Response Team) with my roommate.

The idea was simple: We’ll go to you, and fix your computer on site, or bring it back and return it within 48 hours. We found decent business, especially from the elderly. It seemed almost all of our business was regarding builds or training, and we moved towards that direction. However, the gaming world and the internet were rumbling, and 6 months into CCRT’s short life, Twitch.TV and Minecraft started blowing up in popularity. We decided to try something radical: I would learn to code a java application to show people recipes in Minecraft, and my partner would livestream video games 5 days a week, and run re-run programs on the weekends. Thus, the Gamers Entertainment Network (GEN) was born, and soon found a decent following. I spent the summer learning to program, GEN steadily gained viewers, and I released a few minor apps along the way regarding the upcoming elections.

After I released the Minecraft Pocket Companion, things started to shift for me. Overnight the app quickly attracted 500 downloads, followed by 1,000, and pretty soon we were getting nearly 10,000 downloads a day. It soon became apparent that this application was responsible for the majority of the company’s income, and a decision was made to turn to programming full time, using the Twitch.TV following as a way to market ourselves.

This plan worked well for the next year and a half. After dedicating the year to coding and consuming everything I could find about development, I decided to leave and pursue my dream of creating games full time. I soon founded Exano Software, and began releasing Live Wallpapers as well as utility apps targeting the Android platform.

It took about a year of learning and developing before I felt confident in making my first game. I released Fly!, a 2D upgrade driven game exactly one year after Exano Softwares launch, to a mediocre audience of about 500. Invigorated that I launched my own game, I soon set to work on learning what would be required to create a game in 3D. I decided to create a 3D brick breaker game, again themed around upgrading your character, to moderate success. After a few utility apps and more learning, I launched PSI about 8 months later. PSI was a call out to Faster-Then-Light(FTL), and featured advanced ship building mechanics, 3D character models and animations, and a full 3 hour campaign.

PSI was featured in TouchArcade, and was received very well on the iOS platform. I soon released my first product that utilized Facebook logins and a global high score system: Alpha Commander, which was received well on the iOS and Android platforms. Carrying on this trend I have since decided to focus on small, quick and enjoyable mini games, and have found success in smaller applications such as Fly Doge Fly, The Space Engineers Handbook, Chopper Dodger, FastText, and Fatty Bats.


Square Dance

Square Dance was my very first game. A 2D brick breaker in a 3D world, which allows you to select a combination system to dictate the rest of the game. Upgrade your paddle and class and fight in over 60 levels complete with 10 bosses, or play endless mode and enjoy over 60 million random worlds.


A call out to FTL, PSI lets you create and build your own submarine as you take across the ocean to defeat an enemy general. Control your weapons, shields, ballast and engines as you keep your systems online, prevent floods and put out fires while in deadly combat. Also featuring side quests and a free roam ocean, PSI is a nearly endless experience.

Grumpy Trump

Grumpy Trump Flies to Office was a callout to Flappy Bird. Featuring a fully 3D environment and intense arcade action! Propel Trump to office with his financial prowess! Made in under 8 hours, Grumpy Trump flies to office was made just for fun and to try and draw some traffic to my projects.

Fly Trump to The Moon

Fly Trump to The Moon is an upgrade based 3D scroller. Upgrade Trumps rocket in an attempt to reach the Moon! When you get there though, there will be a difficult choice to make…will you bring Trump home, or leave him there? Made in 48 hours, Fly Trump To the Moon was a fun game meant to drive traffic to some of my other projects.

Alpha Commander

This video has a slow framerate as it was recorded directly from a phone that couldn’t handle it.

Alpha Commander is an homage to Missile Command. Featuring beautiful graphics and classic gameplay. Defend your city from the incoming ICBM’s — but be careful! You only have 30 missiles! Complete with dynamic weather systems, day/night cycles, and plenty of easter eggs, Alpha Commander is a classic arcade experience on your phone or tablet.Integrated with Facebook and the iOS Game Center / Play Games as well as my website.



NAVZ1 is a horror survival game developed by Sony. The game features a distinct lack of maps and navigational tools — which makes finding your friends very difficult. To fix this problem, I created the NavZ1 Navigational Aid. You type a command in the game, and ask your friend to do the same (Or use a stored landmark as a favorite), and the application will compute the direction you need to face in order to reach your target in the shortest time possible.

Space Engineers Handbook

The Space Engineers handbook is a tool for fans of the Space Engineers game. Dynamically pulling content as it updates from my website, the Space Engineers Handbook ensures you will always be up to date with the game. This application allows users of Space Engineers to quickly calculate what materials they require to create blocks and objects in the game. Complete with the ability to scale up multiple items in the tens of thousands, and create a dynamic shopping cart for all of your asteroid mining needs.

Fast Text

Fast Text was one of the first utility apps I created. Applying Apple’s concept of quickly texting from the main screen, along with quick reply/decline icons, Fast Text lets you get back to your life faster. This app also is one of the few Android applications to feature transparent overlays and background movement while not freezing your actual home screen, letting you quickly text somebody without worrying about leaving your app behind and losing progress or your place.

DIY Live Wallpaper

DIY Live Wallpaper is an app that lets the user create limitless wallpapers for their phones home screen. Save your favorites, select from premade wallpapers, or tweak the wallpaper to your hearts content! Get rid of boring static wallpapers forever!


I have developed numerous applications and games for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, as well as PC. Please see the links to the side for more detailed information on my projects.

I have developed applications that utilize JSON/REST API’s, as well as applications that communicate directly to my server to manipulate and interact with MySQL Databases. I have experience manipulating certain services/listeners within Android, specifically the messaging service.

I am experienced in general IT, with extensive knowledge in hardware, Microsoft software, virus removal and protection, and general security.

  • Java
  • JavaScript/UnityScript
  • C#
  • LUA and Various Scripting Languages
  • JSON/Rest and other API’s
  • MS Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Office
  • MS Visual Studios
  • Xcode
  • Eclipse
  • AndEngine
  • Unity
  • GITHub / SVN
  • Windows 3.1-10
  • Linux (Especially Ubuntu)
  • OSX 10.6-10.9
  • Android/iOS
  • Command Lines on Linux/DOS/MacOS

  • Animations

    Engine Reboot

    My third animation, made for the engine reboot screen on The Bridge. Check out my prototype videos to see how it works in game!

    Weapon Reboot

    This was my fifth animation, made for the weapon boot up screen on The Bridge. Check out my prototype videos to see how it works in game.

    General Reboot

    My second animation, a general systems reboot for a company in The Bridge. Check out my prototype videos to see more!



    All of these animations will be used in the prototype games to come.
    All animations were made in DreamWeaver.

    Prototypes & Coming Soon

    Campaign Trail

    Campaign Trail is a project due to be released within the next two months. Select a candidate and run for city mayor! Ultimately you are in charge of hiring staff, training, firing, advertising and managing your campaign. Do you have what it takes to become President of the United States?

    RenderTexture GUI Monitor

    This is a small WIP using a render texture and two cameras. I get the texture coordinates from the first raycast and pass them through to a second camera. A little bit of layering and the end result is pretty neat! This will serve as a foundation for a couple of projects in the future, as well as The Bridge.

    Space Station Story

    *NOTE* This video was prepared for personal use/friends. It’s a prototype video and a work in progress and is subject to change.

    Space station story is an upcoming title slated for release this fall, targeting mobile and iOS. Build and command a colony in the stars, managing garbage collection, shipments, housing, food and more all while battling alien threats, fires, and system failures.

    The Bridge CO2/O2 Propegation

    *NOTE* This video was prepared for personal use/friends. It’s a prototype video and a work in progress and is subject to change.

    Video demonstrating room CO2/O2 propegation on The Bridge.

    The Bridge Systems Demo

    *NOTE* This video was prepared for personal use/friends. It’s a prototype video and a work in progress and is subject to change.

    Video demonstrating ship systems on The Bridge. A first person ship game based on being the commander of your own starship.






    Contact Me

    You can reach me via email at tony@tonythedev.com or report@exanosoftware.com or by reaching out to Exano Software directly here